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Our second place entry for the Deloitte Multi-Party Aggregation on the Blockchain case competition.

Python | Flask | MultiChain | BlockChain

Word Clock

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Made a clock for my girlfriends parents to commemorate their 25th anniversary. Designed in Illustrator and AutoCAD and cut at WatiMake

Arduino | FastLED | Illustrator | AutoCAD



A simple react app with animated transition elements.

React 16 | TMDB

Bloomberg Code B - Here_for_Beer

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A trading algorithm meant to trap other teams by using deceptive pricing techniques inspired by flash traders.


EngHack - Watchdag

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Inspired by the facial scanner from Watchdogs, which displayed personal data to the scanner.

Java | Azure | OpenCV

EngHack - GhostShip

Devpost - Github

Built a VR movie theater which allowed you to synchronously watch a streaming Torrent or YouTube video.

JavaScript | Unreal Engine 4 | Oculus Rift

TerribleHack - MrTrump

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Used the twitter API to grab random tweets, and display an image reflecting trumps mood based on linguistic analysis.

Meteor | Node | JavaScript

WaterlooHacks - Eikon App


Adds sentiment analysis to articles alongside live stock charts within Thomson Reuter’s Eikon app. The app was in new release and the documentation and API weren’t quite there, so the final app is more of a mock-up that ran within the suite.



Made this website using Hugo, and deployed it serverless via Netlify. This site uses the Sam theme.

Hugo | Netlify

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